Anonymous sent : The guy I currently have a thing with and I have the same age gap - I'm 4 years (technically 3 and a half but oh well) older than he is. Age doesn't define maturity :)

i know i know c: but i feel really weird about it. i mean im not even planing on having something with him but it still bothers me idk sigh

Anonymous sent : why is it bad when hes 16? how old are you?

i am almost 20 in about 5 months laughs

hes so cute tho i feel like a pedophile


mikeywayofficial #throwbackthursday 4 years old


rin takes “i’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before” to another level


Frank being his adorable self in the MDNSY extras for Paola.

meets cute, smart, funny boy with good music taste. hes 16.


i feel this paragraph pretty much describes mikey

okay i blushed when i saw my ex today. fuck. my. life.