Anonymous sent : What is your ultimate fantasy?


Financial stability.

i hate having to apply to the scholarship every year. like why cant i just update the documents? why do i have to reapply all over again? why do i have to live in a country with a government so shitty that it makes us go through overly complex procedures to put us off from requesting what should already been given???

there are two options: i got smart and started preventing myself from getting emotionally attached right away or im so beyond emotionally fucked that i have trouble getting emotionally attached.

  favorite photos of frank iero; (2/10)

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asdfghjkl thank ;3;

  • i have the worst sense of humor ever but its so bad and dry and kinda dark that sometimes people kinda like it? idk i know i like it i make myself laugh a lot. that explains why it hasnt improved since i was 6.
  • i became very good at making fun of myself at an extent that it actually improves my self-esteem
  • i think im a very good listener. im not always good at feedback, but i think im good if you just want to be heard
  • the things i bake are delicious 9/10 times
  • i randomly inform you of random facts. random. randomandom

"I learn every day what it means to love myself, and I’m constantly figuring out what makes me feel empowered."




This is the single most amazing thing I have ever seen [x]





Gerard Way in his music video for ‘No Shows’. 

42-44/50 photos of Gerard Way