estais um pouco velha #happybirthday 🎉🎂 (at Coja, Coimbra, Portugal)


Jensen Ackles @ Nerd HQ 2014 [x]


I love how in that second gif Misha manages to startle one chair, knock that paper off the chair, completely knock over a DIFFERENT chair and sexually assault Jensen all in one move

Dean + favorite queer moments

In the real world he’s a nice guy who likes gadgets, but when there’s a guitar involved, Ray Toro is a god. - Frank Iero 

Two-Face comic book art


(click pic for HQ)

leeds festival, leeds, UK. 23/08/14

hailof-bullets sent : I find girls with nose piercing so cuuute ! And so are you !

thank you so much sweetie ♥